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Default Battlefield 2 Roleplaying

Playing on MEC and assult.

Grab a jeep or other fast vehicle. A holicopter would even work and would be funny if it worked.

Put all 5 bombs on the outside

thne jkust before you blow up some guy in a tank or a few people yel

"FOR ALA!!!" over teamspeak or by yourself

jump out and click the mouse


I did suicide bombings for 3 hours last night.
I havn't laughed that hard when playing a video game scince conkers quest


Your Roleplaying

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lol. When SiFi and I play Red Orchestra, occasionally we try to RP what we can. The requisite Nazi 'for the Fatherland', or Soviet 'for the Motherland'. We got so confused after a number of team switches, he shortened it to 'for the Parentland!' and left it at that

"For in that we are both especially daring and especially thorough in calculating what we attempt, we can truly be distinguished from other men, for whom ignorance is boldness but calculation brings hesitancy. Rightly would they be judged strongest in spirit who recognize both dangers and pleasures with utmost clarity and are on neither count deterred from risks."

- Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War: 2.40, "The Funeral Oration of Perikles" (431 BCE)

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