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Old 01-21-2005, 12:20 PM   #1
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Default Moooooo!!!!!

This is not spam, this is here for my bitching on the subject of car accidents as well as insurance companies.

Like i was saying, my girlfriend(DooMKitty) and my self were heading out of a parking lot about to go somewhere. We were sitting there and the guy in the straight/right hand turn lane flashed me on. I started edging out into the road, as i was trying to make a left hand turn to go away from the intersection, so i had to see past the car that had flashed me on and BAM. Igot nailed in the side by a guy driving a 98 Toyota Tacoma. He pushed in my driver's side door and shattered the window. After the accident, the cops arrive about 50 minutes later and say that the whole thing was my fault.

Now onto the topic of insurance companies...

He is suing me in an attempt to get as much out of me as he possibly can.
His insurance company is suing my company as well as me in attempt to get as much as they can.
My insurance company told me that im on my own and that they will not help me in any way.

IN any case, i am very pissed off especially since the car that i was in, i gad just gotten 5 days before the accident and is currently about the only thing that i own. I hate the US legal system also...but that is another topic altogether...

One can smile, and smile, and still be a villian.-William Shakespeare

Are you trying to tell me that the man who tried to put a rubber fist in my anus was a uhh.. homosexual?-Borat
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Are both of you ok?

Ya you pay them for years but when it comes down to actually having to help you and do their job then they screw you. I hate how things sometimes work in this world.
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Old 01-22-2005, 06:09 PM   #3
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Yes were ok exept for a few microscopic cuts on Yaks arm and i almost had a freekin panic attack, As soon I got out of the car and yak climed out his window i screamed "DONT KILL HIM" because if i was hurt he would have... It really sucks , were still driving around in the smashed up car with plastic over the one window to the door that wont open, and so yea.
People must be stalking me

~~+++i love yak =^.^= +++~~
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