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Originally Posted by Stang View Post
We use a little transmitter that uses radio stations but that gets staticy sometimes and well its not the same when you have surround thru the car .
Yeah, mine is like that also. What's funny is that it's the electrical discharge from the cylinders firing that's interfering with my signal. I never paid attention to it until I started wondering, 'why does this static sound so regular?' That, and I began to notice it whenever I put my foot down

I was at the auto show in Toronto here back in February, and many new carsare coming with a USB jack in the factory stereo (I distinctly recall KIA doing this. The Rio5 with the sport package was actually a good looking lil car). Even my fiancee's 99 Civic has an auxiliary jack in the center console. If i'm not mistaken, the Fit (nice lil car. if you have small feet) had an aux jack, as did the other Honda models. I think manufacturers these days are realizing that options like these are really attractive with everyone and their lawyer having an ipod

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- Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War: 2.40, "The Funeral Oration of Perikles" (431 BCE)

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