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Default car audio: need suggestions

Hey everyone, hoping for some help here.

Other than basic principles, I know essentially jack about car audio and who makes what. Right now i'm using the factory stereo and an FM transmitter for my iPod, but quality isn't 100%. I've done a little research into mp3 decks, but most of them either mean the cd readers support mp3/wma files, or that they will support a hookup to an mp3 player.

What I would ideally want is on-board integrated (but removable) storage. Ideally further is touchscreen navigation. I found one stereo whose lcd display was a touchscreen, but the product description wasn't revealing otherwise.

I'm tired of stealing glances at the ipod while i'm driving, or waiting for a stop to change music (seeing as how i drive the highway most of the time, that just doesnt happen)

Preferably also, something that isn't overly gaudy. I don't want to pimp my ride, just listen to my metal in peace.

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