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FFXI is going good, but starting over and over get annoying, and theres a shortage of white mage, so basiclly pass level 33+, a white mage comes on, pick 5 people, and hope your one of those 5, alot of people are restarting in class that are more wanted, whm, brd or rdm. I was well on my way with rng, but ran out of money, so I play my rdm again, currently rdm/thf, but the game requires you to group too much, you get weaker the higher you get, which I don;t like, I like being able to solo, liek in asheron's call, so I'm pretty much playing to pass time, and spend time with the GF, she plays it with me, but once summer rolls around, I won;t be playing it much anymore, mostly looking forward to world of warcraft, been readnig that the game is much more soloable, quicker fights, less downtime, which I'm going to like, but there 8 characters to pick from, hopefully more versality

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