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Default [PC Game Review] Deus Ex: Invisible War

So far so good... Everyone's calling each other terrorists, with no clear choice for you to follow. I like it! As long as I put aside the horrible problems I had with getting this game to work, all is well. (They use the RT patching system... you remember? From T2? Awful, slow, stupid, incompetent... Yes, everything I remember it to be).
So far, game play is smooth, level transfers take a little while (Kinda annoying), unified ammo is an interesting twist, giving you basically a tactical decision over what weapons to take, as opposed to an economic one. I don't know whether I'm ever going to run out of ammo.... So I keep my poisoned knife with me at all times!

This is a messed up review... I'm sorry, it's late.
I give the game 4.5 out of 5 stars. (.5 is lost because of how irritating it was to get the game up and running, and how the installation screen had graphics corruption issues because my resolution was 'too big'... I hardly think 1280x1024 to be too big)


Rating ( 4.5/5 Stars )
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