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Default [PC Game Review] Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle

After being addicted to the beta for a couple of weeks, I picked up Lineage II as soon as it hit the retail shelves. The game looks great and the combat system is nice. The world is large and the graphics give the game a great sense of depth and a solid feeling to objects and characters. I saw no lag when playing and few graphical glitches.

Soon I lost interest in the game, I reached around lvl 26 and got tired of the grind. The game is nothing but trying to level and if you are not in a guild this is all you will ever do. With the implementation of castle sieges, the battles will give you some sense of accomplishment for those in a group large enough to participate, however if you are a solo player you will never see this satisfaction.

Overall the game is pretty solid, what they offer works as intended and the game is pretty stable, but the lack of little beyond grinding is boring.

*note: This review was based on gaming experience prior to the release of Chronicle 1.


Rating ( 3/5 Stars )
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