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Default [PC Game Review] Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided

Recently after quickly growing disappointed in the repetitive game play of Lineage II, my first experience with MMORPG games, many of the gamers I played with moved to playing SWG and convinced me to buy the game.

I am quite addicted to the game, recently I even picked up a second copy. The amount of data in this game is astounding, I am constantly seeing new things all the time. Everything is so customizable that you see no characters who are identical (unless on purpose).

The group of people I play with originally played when the game was released and they tell me it is a lot better now than it was at release with added vehicles and player cities.

There are some bugs, like inventory that disappears for a day or suddenly teleporting to a new spot a couple dozen meters away. The graphics are nice, but a little annoying that things; trees, houses, mobs, terrain; appear right in front of you or after you have already passed them. Some balance issues too with combat, which seems weird not to have fixed after a year, however in my couple months of playing I have already seen improvements from patches regarding this.

Overall, it is definitely a game you should at lest try. Don't let the old vets who are crying about nerfs, balance issues, or bugs prevent you from trying this game; they haven't quit after a year, there must be something the vets like about the game. I started with the free trial from FilePlanet. There are currently free trials available at FilePlanet and GameSpot, head to the Star Wars Galaxies site for links on their home page. Stop by and say hi on the Intrepid server.


Rating ( 4/5 Stars )
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