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sh@rp 07-30-2005 05:06 PM

[Video Game Review] Delta Force: Blackhawk Down
Well I was bored and I had my blockbuster game pass (Keep one game as long as you want and can exchange for free as much as you want. Of course there is a monthly fee but very worth it in my opinion). I picked up Blackhawk Down because the commercials looked pretty cool and have been playing nonstop over the last week ;).
Have not played the main game too much, Got into about the 2nd mission and took a break to see how the online play was. The online game is awesome in my opinion. There are about 10 differant types of online games, from capture the flag, to deathmatch, to team-deathmatch. Very team oriented. If you don't together the chances of you winning are slim. They keep stats on anything you can think of. They have it broken down to the point that it even tells you what your accuracy, headshots, and etc. They have four differant classes: Assault, Medic, Sniper, and Heavy Weapons. You get your main weapon, a pistol and then depending what class you are there is a 3rd weapon. Heavy Weapons get AT-4's for their 3rd slot. Snipers have the option of a shotgun. Each class has a knife and get a choice between either claymores or satchel charges.

I like it and I will probably end up buying it. Check it out you might like it too :).

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