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Gryphon 06-12-2005 02:30 PM

[PC Monitor Review] ViewSonic VP912b 19" LCD
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I picked up the ViewSonic VP912b 19" LCD from for $475.99 and it is a very nice monitor. It is VERY bright and everything is displayed very crisp and clear. The monitor has a great response time of 12ms and comes with both Analog RGB and Digital DVI cables. Gaming is great on this monitor, everything displays very well, I have played both World of Warcraft and Battlefield 2 Demo on this screen and they look awesome. Over the weekend Stang and I watched a movie on the LCD and it looked great. I am very happy with this purchase, so much so I want to replace my second monitor which is a ViewSonic 17" CRT with another VP912b.


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sh@rp 06-12-2005 02:37 PM

Ooh thats pretty cool...
Running dual monitors there ?

Gryphon 06-12-2005 02:38 PM

Yeah, I love it. One monitor is so confining :D

FaLLGuY 06-12-2005 04:23 PM

Looks good! CRT monitors are history to me now. :)

sh@rp 06-12-2005 06:14 PM

Ya im thinking of putting another monitor next to this one when i move this computer up to my room in a month or 2

Aluscia 06-12-2005 07:40 PM

heheh... I still like my 17"

Raiyven 06-12-2005 08:18 PM

i'm using a 19" seanix lcd flatscreen... somethingorother, don't ask me for a model number. it's nice and non-headache giving... first thing i noticed was a huge reduction in headaches and eye pain afterwards, as well as exclamations of 'holy jesus god!' whenever i did something ;p

sh@rp 06-13-2005 06:49 PM

"Holy jesus god !" ehhh ? thats what it felt like when i finally got winXP :P

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