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Aluscia 07-30-2001 03:38 AM

I'm Back!
Heya guys! I missed all of you... I tried to access the forums from the Purdue library, but they had 100mhz processors, and netscape... wow... I've never seen this site freeze a computer before that point... and they were running NT, so they locked out the task manager, and.... wow.... At any rate, I had an awesome time worshipping God with over 7000 presbyterians from around the world. It was the 2001 Presbyterian Youth Triennium, held every three years (in case you didn't get the "triennium" part ;)) in West Lafayette, Indiana, on the campus of Purdue University. I left at 3:00AM on Tuesday, and got back around 1:00AM today... It was very awesome, and I feel inspired to do everything I wanted to do before, and I'm very excited about it. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you guys... in case you noticed from my last post (before today) I sorta wasn't allowed near the comp before I left. :( At any rate, if you want to know more about PYT, you can ask me, or check out the site PYT!

Ghryphen 07-30-2001 08:29 AM

Glad you are back Laur, we missed you :cry

Stang 07-30-2001 04:37 PM

Missed Ya!!!

Glad you had a good time thats the whole point right? :D

Mythril Gear 07-30-2001 06:11 PM

I missed you too Laurelin. You should tell people you're going away so I wont call your house and feel like a dumbass... =( At any rate, I'm glad you're all exited about stuff. Good luck on any crusades you wish to embark on!

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